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Men's Shaving Cream - Accomplishment, Travel Size

Men's Shaving Cream - Accomplishment, Travel Size

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Men's Shaving Cream - Accomplishment

"That was a close shave." -- this comment usually follows a victory after battling nearly-overwhelming odds. This superior grade shaving cream, according to the label, meets barbershop standards for a clean, effortless shave. (And who wouldn't like even their close shaves to be clean and effortless?) Contains aloe for relief, shea butter for hydration, Macadamia nut oil for the closest possible shave, and calendula extract for recovery. (Because even when victory follows that close shave, a little recovery is in order.)

Made in the USA.

This product is designed to meet the high standards of hard working men who want to get clean and smell good. A portion of proceeds benefit US veterans.

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