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Men's Beard Balm - Bourbon

Men's Beard Balm - Bourbon

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Men's Beard Balm - Bourbon

Hopefully this title will have raised some eyebrows -- "Men's" beard balm, versus what -- "Women's" beard balm?

(We have included "Men's" in the title, not to dispel confusion as to whose beards are more likely to require balm, but for the sake of consistency and search-ability. Simply type "Men" into our search blank and all of our specifically targeted-toward-men products will jump to the front.)

Meanwhile, back at the farm, this balm will keep your beard from needing to be bush-hogged. Has an oak barrel scent that men will envy and women will admire -- not always from afar.

This product is designed to meet the high standards of hard working men who want to get clean and smell good. A portion of proceeds benefit US veterans.

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