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Dr. Squatch Bar Soap

Dr. Squatch Bar Soap

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Bay Rum: Spicy,  Tropical & Smooth. 

Birchwood Breeze: Crisp,  Woodsy & Fresh.

Cedar Citrus: Zesty, Energizing & Refreshing.

Coconut Castaway: Exotic, Tranquil, & Tropical.

Cold Brew Cleanse: Invigorating Bold & Delicious.

Cool Fresh Aloe: Natural, Refreshing & Crisp. 

Deep Sea Goat's Milk: Rich, Smooth & Fresh.

Eucalyptus Greek Yogurt: Calming,  Aromatic & Refreshing. 

Fresh Falls: Crisp, Revitalizing & Bold.

Gold Moss: Rich, Robust & Sophisticated.

Grapefruit IPA: Bold, Sweet, & Refreshing.

Pine Tar: Rugged, Woodsy & Strong.

Spearmint Basil: Cool, Brisk & Fresh.

Summer Citrus: Bright, Refreshing,  & Uplifting. 

Wood Barrel Bourbon: Oaky, Spicy & Smooth.



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