Herbal Soap Bar

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Honey Chamomile - soft and sweet, this fragrance is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Lavender Safe - a true lavender scent that is perfectly rounded by a touch of softening sage.

Rose Petals - a true rose fragrance; if there was a particular fragrance for romance, this would be it!

Tobacco Flower - a spice-y, cologne-esque fragrance brings to mind a library full of leather bound books.

Tomato Basil - sweet summertime! Tomato plants love having basil plants nearby -- the two pair well in the garden, on the table, and (mind bomb!), in your soap!!! 

Vanilla Bourbon - if you knew a gentleman pirate, he would probably have cologne that smelled like this. And it would be wonderful!

Lemon Thyme - smells like the early, mouth-watering stages of homemade lemonade! 

This collection of Herbal Soaps come in a lovely drawstring bag and each bar has little pieces of basil or rose petals or lavender (depending on the fragrance therein contained).

(Note: just tuck a bar into any drawer or cupboard to keep things smelling fresh!)