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Men's Solid Cologne - Midnight Swim

Men's Solid Cologne - Midnight Swim

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Like a breath of fresh air, this scent will open your eyes and energize your mind. Whether you're the man that's sporting it or the woman that is appreciating it, you won't be disappointed -- this timeless cologne fragrance works overtime for men of all ages. (It smells equally delicious, appropriate, and masculine on a seventy-two year old veteran and a three year old man-child. Top that, Eau-de-Anything-Else.)

This Cologne Balm melts at your fingertips for precise application -- just swipe it anywhere. TSA-friendly so you can travel without fear of leaking bottles.

Duke Cannon products are designed to meet the high standards of hard working men who want to get clean and smell good. A portion of proceeds benefit US veterans. 

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